Sophie Trelles-Tvede had the idea for invisibobble during her first semester of college. Sophie loved wearing a ponytail, but found that after wearing ordinary hair ties for a long period of time, she suffered from headaches, and always had that annoying crease in her hair.

One night, when Sophie was getting ready for a ‘bad taste’ party, she went all out: wearing a tie-dye synthetic blouse, sparkling bell-bottoms, multicolored eye shadow and a bunch of crazy accessories. On her way out she realized, as bonkers as she looked, her hair needed something to really top off the look. Immediately Sophie set her eye on the old telephone hanging on her dorm wall. It hadn’t worked in years, so she decided to unplug the phone cord and use it to tie up her hair, for an extra highlight to her already over-the-top look. 


The morning after the party, Sophie woke up after a fun-filled night and realized something amazing - she didn‘t have a headache! After a moment of shock, she realized that she was still wearing the phone cord and it was still firmly holding her hair in place. After removing the cord she noticed that it didn’t leave that annoying mark. That’s when she knew she had stumbled onto a brilliant idea.

The idea of the invisibobble had been born, but Sophie needed help. She turned to her then-boyfriend, now business partner, Felix. It took them 6 months and the help of several German technicians to design the very first invisibobble with the correct material and specifications. In 2012, the first trial launch took place in Germany, and the small team spent 12 months gathering feedback from customers, so that they could continuously improve the product.

Finally, in 2013, it was time to introduce the invisibobble to the world.  Since then, international demand for the invisibobble has exploded. Now, the invisibobble is being distributed in over 70 countries worldwide!

We continue to innovate and grow, creating hair accessories for all hair types and textures.  All of our products have the same traceless DNA, for healthier, happier locks, no matter what kind of hair you wear.