Behind every great woman, are great women!

Over 2.2 million women left the workforce during the pandemic, right now is a critical moment for working mothers. Invisibobble is excited to partner with HeyMama, together supporting working women.  

Invisibobble Founder, Sophie Trelles Tvede, knows firsthand how challenging it can be to be a woman in business and wanted to lend a hand to all the working moms who might need the support. Invisibobble is excited to partner with HeyMama to support their community. 



Meet the world's favorite spiral hair tie: Whether Everyday, Fashion, Athleisure, or our Limited Collections, each and every invisibobble spiral hair tie has the same HAIRLOVETECH traceless technology, scientifically proven to cause less damage, less pain, and less kinks. Here at Invisibobble, we like to keep it simple with hair accessories. From Spiral hair ties, bobby pins, scrunchies, headbands and more, we guarantee our Invisibobble hair care accessories to work while you work, go out, or work out. 

You might be familiar with our popular ORIGINAL spiral hair ties, and we have now expanded into all kinds of hair loving accessories. The invisibobble SPRUNCHIE, our take on the scrunchie craze, provides a strong hold and chic design through the invisibobble ORIGINAL hair spiral that is placed in the center. The same hairloving technology with a fashionable twist (literally). 

For your special occasion updos, may we introduce our invisibobble WAVER, the hairloving alternative to the bobby pin. However, this is no ordinary bobby pin! With no metal pieces and a completely traceless design, the slide lock technology of the WAVER creates no tension for a hairloving hold without causing damage, kinks, or pain.

For the headband lover in your heart, try our invisibobble HAIRHALO. With a completely traceless design, there is no squeezing or tugging as you bend the HAIRHALO to fit the shape of your head. And for the sporty sweetheart, try out our athletic headband, the invisibobble MULTIBAND. With traceless comfort that holds your hair in place while you MOVE, rely on the MULTIBAND for hairloving support. 

Invisibobble x Shape Beauty Lab Box

Invisibobble POWER hair ties and hair accessories were selected for the Summer 2021 Shape Beauty Lab Box! The box is targeted to women who are wellness-minded and looking to simplify their beauty routine while keeping up with their active lifestyle.