The original traceless spiral hair ring

Invisibobble spiral hair ties are scientifically tested for ouch free hair styling. Invisibobble's industry leading technology and design features HAIRLOVETECH™

Thanks to the IAR Material™ in each Invisibobble spiral hair tie that creates less friction on the hair

Thanks to the shape in the HAIRLOVETECH™ that reduces the pressure on the hair. Invisibobble spiral hair rings will retain their shape time and time again

100% of men and women who've tried an Invisibobble hair tie had no pain or headaches after long term use.

Exceptionally Comfortable
Strong Hold

*versus normal elastic hair ties.  All claims have been verified by TRI Princeton.


Invisibobble's HairHalo headband's SHAPE & MATERIAL makes all the difference

The Shape    
Inspired by the shape and functionality of the Invisibobble ORIGINAL spiral hair ring. The three-dimensional wave form guarantees a strong and, at the same time, hair-friendly hold. Thanks to the even spaces between the waves, the hair is not constricted, and leaves no traces.

Gentle on the Hair   
The metal on the inside is covered in a soft fabric, and therefore doesn’t have any sharp, uncomfortable edges. 

The adjustable structure and special shape make it possible to mold the HAIRHALO specifically to every head shape. This design means that pressure and pain from all-day wear can be avoided. 


Invisibobble Waver is the best in haircare! It's a unibody plastic bobby pin with no metal used, no sharp edges, no tugging making for a perfect versatile hair clip

3-D Helix Shape  
Invisibobble bobby pin Waver is traceless, high wearing comfort, even pressure distribution, non-slip. This hair clip will leave no marks or creases in your hair.

Artificial Resin  
Our bobby pin is water and sweat proof, easy to clean, colorfast, durable. It will never rust or become misshapen like the metal alternative

Strong Hold  
A unibody bobby pin hair clip made of only one piece, tension is created through the shape. Invisibobble waver withstands continual use

Curved Bottom 
Invisibboble Waver bobby pin is intuitive and easy to handle when styling your hair

Slide Lock Technology  
Only two fingers needed to open or close this bobby pin, no force needed like those other hair pins


Artificial Resin  
Invisibobble Bunstar is water and sweat proof, easy to clean, colorfast, durable

No metal used, no sharp edges, no tugging

Mattified Surface   
The textured finish on the Invisibobble Bunstar hair clip prevents hair from slipping out

Twist Tight Technology  
No force needed, hold created through shape

3-D S-Shape  
Made of one piece, traceless, high wearing comfort