POWER Be Visible 5pc

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Keep your pony in place while you MOVE with the Invisibobble POWER Hair Ties - Be Visible. The intensified spiral shape gives your hair an extra grip, without compromising on comfort. The perfect companion for your intense workout, the reflective trim shines during your nighttime workout routine.


  • Featuring HAIRLOVETECH, scientifically proven to cause 31% less damage, leave 68% less marks and 100% less pain than ordinary hair tools.
  • Suitable for thick, curly, and textured hair types (or an active lifestyle!).
  • Non-soaking.

How to Use

  • Comb your hair and wrap a hair tie around your wrist.
  • Gather your hair into your dominant hand and lift your ponytail to the desired height.
  • Smooth your hair back and wrap a hair tie around the ponytail.