Invisibobbles fearless founder and inventor Sophie Trelles-Tvede is constantly asked “how strong are invisibobbles spiral hair ties? Having recently been asked about invisibobble’s durability, we decided to put our spiral hair tie to the test. Sophie, ready for any challenge, quickly thought up the best way to possibly test invisibobble’s strength. With a forklift, of course!

While in our warehouse and distribution center, Sophie grabbed a three pack of our Invisibobble Power spiral hair ties for this experiment. We chose our Power Magic Rainbow color for this experiment since we were all feeling so colorful that morning! Using a pallet with our fearless leader on it weighing a total of 176 lbs, we set up an industrial strength chain (safety first people) attached to three of our spiral hair rings. Our amazing logistics team helped us secure the chain to the pallet making sure all safety precautions were in place.

Sophie stepped on to the pallet ready for lift off! While she was standing on the forklift with our tiny three plastic spiral hair rings holding it all in place, Sophie was lifted almost half a foot off the ground floor. Amazingly, while moving and dancing around, the pallet remained safely off the floor with no signs of breakage or worry. 

Once safely on the ground, we examined our invisibobble spiral hair ties. Instantly, once removed, they returned back to their natural out of the package shape. We found no signs of breakage or damage on any of the three invisibobble power hair ties. An amazing feat for such a small but powerful hair care accessory.

If invisibobble spiral hair rings can hold over 175 lbs, it can surely hold hair!

August 20, 2021 — Erin Durnin