SPRUNCHIE - MultiPack 2pc True Black/ Prima Ballerina (Hanging Pack)

$4.00 $10.00

Hidden underneath luxurious fabric, the invisibobble® SPRUNCHIE contains a classic ORIGINAL, therefore providing the benefits that come with all the classic hair ring. Holding all strands of hair together thanks to its spiral shape, the SPRUNCHIE is easy to remove without compromising on comfort.  Featuring HAIRLOVETECH™, it is scientifically proven to cause 31% less damage, leave 68% less marks and 100% less pain than an ordinary elastic hair tie. 

• traceless
• ultimate fashion accessory
• spiral hair ring inside
• high wearing comfort
• strong grip

    Colour: True Black
    Colour: Prima Ballerina


    1 Pkg. includes 1 invisibobble® Sprunchie Prima Ballerina and 1 invisibobble® Sprunchie True Black